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Embodied Fertility course is a path of radical body literacy education, and self knowledge through descension into female physiology. This course contains 8 modules, each of which contain a 90 min + class, workbook pages and journaling prompts, plus supporting materials. Modules: 1 - Opening ceremony and introduction to fertile bio markers 2 - Sovereign Fertility : Step 1, holding clarity of intention 3 - Hormonal physiology : Sovereign Fertility step 2 4 - The deep soul medicine of your anatomy nd physiology 5 - Impeccable body literacy and fertility management + working with plants for contraception 6 - Tending your female architecture 7 - Womb embodiment 8 - Shamanic Fertility This course is a self paced self study, and when you join you get instant (lifetime) access to all the modules, plus telegram body literacy community, and monthly zoom calls to follow up and integrate.



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