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Deep Feminine Creation

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Women are visionaries. We are designed to give form to the formless: in service to all creation. Our cycles are designed for us to give birth to our dreams. The earth NEEDS more activated, actualized, truth bearing, visionary WOMEN who are creating really epic things in the physical world (not just talking about it). We need YOU, sister, with all of your wonderful, creative, transformational ideas.. to give birth to them. To actualize them. To leave the physical form of your ideas here in this plane.. for the earth.. for the future generations. And I'm going to show you HOW to do that, through the wisdom of your female physiology. In this mini course you will learn to cultivate the energetics of your womb and cycle, to create what you want in this life. You will learn to move beyond the polarity of the masculine overdrive relationship with action, and the opposite of the "lazy hippie", resistance to action. You will learn to CULTIVATE the energetics of your hormonal cycle, and channel them into creating your dreams. You will leave behind the cycle of starting way more than you can finish every pre ovulatory phase and fizzling out and giving up in your luteal phase. You will learn to receive, anchor, and birth visions through your body.



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