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Welcome, sister

Embodied Fertility is a 12 week course to create a deeply embodied, powerful, and sovereign relationship with your fertility. 


- Weekly live calls including live group mentorship and in depth lectures. You will receive deep physiological education, as well as the weaving of your fertility as a spiritual path, all while held in intimate sisterhood. There will be 6 modules, we will spend 2 weeks on each module.

- Telegram group for continued q&a on all the material, and cultivating connection in our circle of women


Prior to the first module we will open with an opening ceremony 

1. Hormonal physiology

Understanding your sacred hormonal alchemy to embody the full spectrum of feminine power
 week 1 : Estrogen. The archetype, the effects on your psyche, the effects on your cervix, what she stimulates in your body and how you can observe it.

week 2 : same deep dive for progesterone

2. Cervix

Connecting with your deep seat of power and calling all of you home

week 1: Cervical mucus, your primary tool for tracking your fertility

+ locating your cervix and tracking position

week 2 :  The medicine of cervix : forming a relationship with this deep seat of power

3. Sovereign Fertility

Becoming fully woman through radical responsibility

week 1 : intention and her many layers + the innate grief of womanhood

week 2 : Managing your fertile window + working with plant allies

4. Vibrantly Embodied Womanhood

Creating a life that deeply supports your female physiology

week 1 : nourishment + nervous system - in relation to your fertility

week 2 : circle + integration

5. Tending to your female architecture

A physical reclamation of your power and pleasure

week 1 : Self pussy work for pelvic wellness + spiritual expansion + goddess connection through body

week 2 : beyond trauma healing; embodied reclamation

6. Shamanic Fertility

Claiming your role as gate keeper

week 1 : spirit babies, stewarding the gate, and visioning for future generations

week 2 : CLAIMING. closing, and beginning a journey of embodied gate keeping in your everyday life. 

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the next Embodied Fertility cohort begins in october

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