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Welcome to
Sovereign Woman Care

woman holding her womb with confidence and tenderness

walk in deep service to the womb and the earth mother. 

Devoted in this lifetime to the remembrance of ancient feminine wisdom, that lives in every woman's bones, resurging into her consciousness.


It is in this devotion that I offer you what is here, in this space of Embodied Fertility awareness, and sovereign woman arts. 

I serve women through helping you transition off of birth control, learn radical body literacy and natural contraception, claim the power of your fertile life force, and experience powerful and sovereign pregnancy and birth. 


With love,



How can I support you?

1:1 sessions

I offer immediate support sessions for women who are navigating an unexpected pregnancy - Where we will dive into your options, and you will be witnessed and held in sisterhood. I know how huge it is to realize you are pregnant and I'm here to support you in that.

*Not medical advice*- a woman serving woman

These sessions can also be used for woman desiring to transition off of birth control, learn to take responsibility for their fertility through fertility awareness method, begin a journey of healing PMDD, or learn to connect with their cycle as a spiritual path.

1:1 mentorship

3 - 6 months 1:1 for the woman who wants to go deep into womb devotion.

This container is perfect for a woman who wants to transition off of birth control, as a spiritual initiation,

and know herself and God through her womb. This is the container where we go deep and slow and play to transform your life through the path of the womb

Embodied Fertility Group

A container to claim the power of your fertility in sisterhood and circle with other women.

Sovereign Woman Care's flagship course.

An 8 week, self study course to learn Fertility Awareness method and so much more. Together we dive into the intricacies and power of hormonal energetics, herbal contraceptive practices for back up, healing from birth control and hook up culture to create a new paradigm of body literacy and mature sexuality, and the shamanic dimensions of our fertility.

Self study course open for enrollment

practitioner / educator training coming Spring 2024

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