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Root into your womb devotion, integrate it into your everyday, and watch your life transform;

from the most intimate
to the bigger picture and vision

Nurture community

is a membership for integrated womb devotion, transformation, and women's self development. 

It is a sisterhood of maidens and mothers, devoted to coming home to their bodies.

We are re writing our relationship with spirituality, with being home in our bodies, and our wombs and fertility.

Together we are paving a new way forward. A way forward that honors life, the feminine, children, and the pace of the earth.

Fertility awareness, feminine embodiment, pussy work, leadership, creation, all come together here. The way of the womb is a way home, and when we devote to HER, we devote to coming home, in all areas of life.

Let us walk home together.

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The structure that holds NURTURE community

One live monthly call

 - A deep sisterhood circle. Usually looks like, an embodiment practice, a deep dive by me (natalia), a circle space that is interactive for all women to be witnessed, supported, and share their wisdom.

Telegram group

 - A space of integration. The telegram group is where most of the magic happens in NURTURE. It is a unique format, where we drop in daily together. You are self guided in most of the work of NURTURE community and you get to drop in with what's alive for you, everyday. I will often drop in with daily invitations, practices, and pieces of wisdom that are alive for me. 

Access to the NURTURE library

 - Tons of pre recorded content for you to enjoy at your own pace. Includes education about fertility, polarity, goddess work, hormonal energetics, and ebooks on holding women's circles and sovereign fertility management. Everything you need to dive into a deeply embodied, womb devoted path, starting the moment you join NURTURE. 


My desire for you

Inside of NURTURE community

You feel like you have come home; 

to your own body, to sisterhood, and to the goddess

You become a beacon in your community, of deep feminine wisdom.

You inhabit your deep body, with passion and lust for life.

You have a community you can come to, for support on the journey of your sovereign relationship with your womb. 

and you are HELD and guided, in the creation of a new paradigm in your life.

She recognized that the culture around her was not upholding the feminine.. And she moved through the victimhood, into creation. She decided that someone has to be the first to create a blueprint for living in a way that honors the feminine. She decided that she is a way shower, simply by how she inhabits her own body. She decided to be the one that births the unprecedented paradigm for her community. 

.. this is the path of the NURTURED woman

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