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Roe V Wade and Govt charades, we need to expand the abortion conversation

Women can find their connection to the earth and their sovereignty through their womb. You are being asked right now to take radical responsibility. To pull out your devotion to the system wherever you still may have it, because it is becoming increasingly clear that the system is not for you.

You will find your power in radical self responsibility outside of the system. Your fertility is a perfect place to start. Your womb is your portal of connection to the earth, the divine. Withdraw any last chords of dependence you may have on the system and you will find embodied freedom.


I’ve never had a pharmaceutical or surgical abortion and almost certainly never will. I manage my fertility completely outside of the system and am confident in my ability to do so. I also live in a different country where abortion is illegal in every state but one anyway. So personally, I was not worried when I heard about medical abortion access being threatened by the US government. The US government has absolutely no power over me in any way shape or form and definitely doesn’t have power over what I do with my womb.

I didn’t care for myself, or feel threatened whatsoever, but I definitely cared when I heard that #RoeVWade was overturned. I cared because I thought of the impoverished and oppressed people who, because of the broken system, don’t have the resources to support new life coming in.

But for me the problem there isn’t medical abortion being taken away. The problem is the impoverished and oppressed people who don’t have the resources to support life coming in. The problem isn’t just lack of access to medical abortions for the 19 year old college student, the problem is that young woman didn’t know when she was fertile in the first place because she didn’t receive proper sex education, or a rite of passage into the responsibility of being a fertile woman.

The problem isn’t just lack of access to abortion for a woman who has been raped, the problem is that women are being raped. The problem isn’t just that women won’t have access to abortion for something that is “life threatening” the problem is a deep mistrust in the bodies of women.

You see what I’m getting at? The abortion conversation needs to be going way deeper than it is. Abortion is simply a bandaid for something that is broken so far beyond the right for women to choose whether they have an abortion or not.

There are a few layers here and a few points I want to cover. First, that almost all the women I know who have had medical abortions could have prevented it with proper education. Second, that almost all the women I know who have had medical abortions would have had the baby if they had had support and community around them. Third, that the system of scarcity and oppression runs so deep, humans of certain groups are being oppressed so deeply by this system that they have no choice but to abort, because of the system, and now the same system is taking away their right to abortion.

I have held space for many women to heal from their abortion experiences. This is a common theme in my 1:1 work and I have held abortion healing circles. Almost every abortion story I have heard in these settings could have been prevented had the woman had proper education about her body.

Most of these women were educated and fully capable of understanding the physiology of their fertility, yet had not received the education, even as adults who were on a path of self discovery. I’m absolutely not shaming these women for having abortions or not having the education. I’m saying WHY didn’t they have the education? Most of the women around me are intuitive and in touch with their bodies enough to understand how hormonal birth control or IUD’s were affecting them and therefore get off of them. Why didn’t women who were this educated and intelligent ever receive guidance from a big sister or a mama or auntie about how to know exactly when they are fertile and therefore avoid intercourse or use a barrier on those days?

Why didn’t these women receive the education on which plants to use to prevent implantation if they did have intercourse when fertile? Of which plants to use to encourage menstruation? So many abortions could have been prevented by proper fertility awareness education available to every woman. So much trauma from abortions could have been prevented.

I am highlighting the trauma from abortion piece because I see abortion as being kind of taken for granted as not a big deal sometimes. Because it is readily available as a safety net, Sometimes people are less responsible and can more easily avoid the fact that they are fertile life giving beings whose bodies want to reproduce. This is out of complete honest curiosity, I wonder if more women would be more committed to learning Fertility Awareness method and herbal allies if abortion was not readily available? I believe abortion could be treated as a huge rite of passage, as big as a birth. Because if you’re saying no to pregnancy what are you saying yes to? Rather than just choosing NOT to be a mother what are you choosing to be? I believe abortion should be upheld as a huge decision that is so important to make and celebrated as a fucking big deal becasue it is a big deal.

I live in Mexico and here abortion is illegal in all but one state and one city. All types of abortion including medication. In my village most women know what herbs to take to bring on menstruation and teach all teenage girls the same. They have absolutely no education on their Fertility (I will offer it to as many women as I can reach) but they do prioritize passing down the knowledge of emmenagogues.

Though I am absolutely for women having access to surgical and medical abortion, I am not for pharmaceutical birth control and abortion being the only options. Abortion is often traumatic emotionally and almost always traumatic to the womb and cervix. It is an intense disruption to the body’s natural process of reproduction, which is the thing that a healthy and fertile female body wants to do more than anything else. Once the fertilized egg has implanted and begins to grow, progesterone production is strong, the body is literally doing everything it can to nourish that life and then you disrupt it and force it to eject the contents of the uterus, or get them scraped out. This is seriously traumatic to your womb!

This is why I’m saying, MORE options for more women. Prior to the need of abortion at 5-13 weeks gestation, there are many opportunities to disrupt the process of fertilization and implantation. In chronological order, the first step is knowing when conception is possible (5-8 days max prior to and 24 hours after ovulation occurs, in the presence of fertile, estrogenic mucus) and avoid the possibility of fertilization on those days by avoiding intercourse, or using a barrier method. A pre first step is having clear communication with your own body and womb, getting clear with yourself about your conscious and subconscious intentions, taking responsibility for your biological desire to reproduce and aligning every aspect of your being with your intention. None of these steps will be nearly as effective if all aspects of your being are not in alignment with the intention.

The second step, if fertilization has possibly occurred, meaning you got cum in your vagina when you were fertile, there are plants to be used to prevent the implantation of the fertilized egg. I won’t go into detail on that here, probably in a post to come. But for now, research it yourself; plants that act as implantation inhibitors. The most common being Queen Anne’s Lace. These herbs will disrupt the production of progesterone and therefore disrupt the lining of the uterus that is there to nourish the fertilized egg. It will make it so that the fertilized egg can not implant into the uterine lining and therefore will dissolve and uterine lining will be released at menstruation.

The third step is to bring on menstruation with the use of emmenagogues. This would be done at the day of menstruation being “due” because you know you possibly got your egg fertilized. All of these options require you to know when you were fertile to be effective. It is important to have used steps 1 and 2 to have the most effective and least intense outcome with this step as well as the next. There are many emmenagogues growing all around you and locally available probably at co ops and health food stores or markets. Do your own research into what your best plant ally options are. You can also at these time do yoni steams, put plants inside of you to soften the cervix, and massage your uterus externally with herbal oils or essential oils. All things encouraging menstruation, the release of the uterine lining.

The fourth step would be using stronger abortifacient plants to release the uterine lining and possible fertilized egg if menstruation doesn’t come. This would be because the fertilized egg is already implanted and you need to produce uterine contractions and open the cervix, basically forcing the body to eject the endometrium and egg. This can be pretty intense, because you are forcing your body to do something it is trying to prevent. That is why it is important to first and foremost avoid the possibility of fertilization by avoiding getting cum in your vagina when you are fertile. This step of using abortifacients must be done before 5 weeks gestation, meaning within a week preferably and at most 2 after your missed menstruation.

All of this is possible before the need for abortion. I want to prevent as many abortions as possible. Not because I’m a crazy pro life far right fundamentalist (as I have heard on social media a few times now) but because abortions are fucking intense. Even herbal ones, but especially pharmaceutical or surgical. I want women to have MORE options before the need for an abortion.

I am 100% pro choice, but I am pro more choices. There is so much more to this conversation than being desiring for women to have access to medical/surgical abortions or not. I want women to have that option as an absolute worst case scenario but I want women to have way more options in the management of their fertility beyond pregnancy or abortion. I am pro life supporting choices, and sometimes the life that a choice supports is of the mother herself, and means the sacrifice of becoming a mother right now. The conversation is being extremely narrowed to pro life and pro choice and its honestly fucking ridiculous that those are the only two options and is keeping people’s minds very narrow on the topic of fertility management.

The entire debate about medical/surgical abortion being legal or not is repressing women’s true source of power in their sovereign fertility. Abortion itself can even be used as a tool of repression, framed as a tool of empowerment, raking in millions of dollars every year. Abortion is a business. Just like birth control and industrial birth practices. The sacrifice of your precious endometrium and fertilized egg to the medical industrial complex should be an absolute last resort. But if there has not been education about the options that should come before abortion, their option in a moment of needing to make a really hard decision to choose something other than motherhood, is only that. To give to the entities that make billions off of vulnerable women in a fucking hard situation. This is why I’m saying more choices.

And in more choices, I include the choice to actually have the baby and become a mother. Most of the women who I mentioned who i have supported in healing the trauma of their abortion, actually wanted to have a baby. They would have chosen to have the baby had they had a supportive partner or supportive community around them, financial resources, a place to live where they felt safe, etc.

So another piece I want to add to this conversation is this, why are there so many humans from such “advanced” (I don’t believe the US is advanced but they do) countries have no resources to support being able to have a baby? Pregnancy, birth and childbearing is perhaps the most innately desired experience for a fertile woman, and the epitome of human experience. On a very basic, animal, simple, biological level, that is why we are here. To bring in more of our species and learn to thrive on the planet intergenerationally. So why are we living in a way that we are so disconnected from the planet and her abundant resources that even when a woman actually WANTS to be pregnant and wants to have a baby, she doesn’t feel there is “enough” to do so?

Not enough money, not enough housing, not enough support, not enough community, not enough not enough not enough. For me, this is the problem. How many people live in a reality of scarcity and are making the choice to bring a child forth or not based on that?

What if instead of fighting for the right to keep choosing abortion when we actually don’t want to choose to prevent that life from coming through, we fought for the creation of a new paradigm of earth based plenty? What if instead of fighting within the old broken system for access to their medical/surgical abortions, we fought for creating a reality of plenty, where children had plenty of loving adults around them, where nourishing food was all around us, where spring water bubbled and ran directly to your sink, where life is thriving and nourished.

This is a conversation very much to be continued.... but until part two,

With much love, in sovereignty,


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