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walking you home to your ineffable power,
through embodied womb wisdom

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Beloved sister,

This is for you...

Stop waiting to embody your ineffable power

You've been trudging through the shadow work and you're ready to

b e c o m e. 

You've been doing all this work and yet there is still something missing; the feeling of calling it all home.


You can feel the bigness of who you came here to be.. she's palpable, you can touch her, and yet she feels over there, and you're over here. 

doing the work. healing the trauma. trudging through the shadows.

Its time to call her home

Close the gap between who you came here to be, and who you feel like you are now.  

On this path of mentorship

Your womb is the container.

Your compass

Your home to hold your embodied expansion

Your cycle is the playground

of your soul's deepest evolution.

Your fertility is the creative force

the energy that creates and destroys universes, guiding you to your highest timeline. 

Your own womb sits in your center and holds you through all of your expansion. She's been there with her arms around you throughout all the healing, and she is beckoning you home to HER to embody your highest timeline.

Let me walk you home, sister

The womb path is a 1:1 mentorship container, for you to step into your ineffable power. I will hold you, and guide you, every step of the way. 

Here in service to your deepest truth, and your embodied expression.

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The transformation

You walk in your power. A kind of power everyone in your field feels.

Your heart open to the world, and your cervix rooted in the earth, you move forth from this container as an embodiment of purpose, truth, and real, raw, feminine essence. 

You're safe in your body to long for life

with the unconditional love of the great mother, and you serve as an embodiment of that love.

You know who you are.

You know why you're here.

And you know in your ancient bones, what it means to be womb:en, here and now.

There is no longer a gap between who you know you will become, 

and who you are in this moment.

You have called her home through devoting to your infinite well of intrinsic wisdom, that awaits you within your womb and cycle. 

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woman holding her womb

The 1:1 Mentorship Path

All of the wisdom of your unfolding is within you. What would it feel like to be held in sisterhood, seen in your highest timeline, and given tools and reflection to come home to your body in womb led transformation?

My work is a living bridge between the science and the sacred, the physiological and the divine. We will walk together through what I call womb led transformation. We will use the womb space as the container to hold you in your expansion, creating a relationship with your deep body that you can always ground into. Your womb will hold you as you expand your capacity to taste all of the flavors of life, to be so deliciously alive in your body, and feel safe in doing so. 

Your cycle will serve you as a path of your soul's evolution. You will be equipped with the tools to serve yourself the sweet and poignant medicine of your own hormonal flow and blood.

Your fertility will serve you as the creative force in actualizing all of your dreams and desires.

Mentorship Structure

We will have 90 minute - 2 hr sessions every other week, with unlimited voxxer chats between sessions for integration and more depth. 

The PILLARS of the womb path mentorship are these : 

1. Embodied womb wisdom. You will receive access to deep education on female physiology, fertility awareness and body literacy. You will learn to understand and cultivate your hormones, and the archetypes of the feminine that come with each hormone. You will learn to attune to your cycle and claim your fertility sovereignty. You will become fully confident in your ability to prevent pregnancy naturally and you will create a deep and powerful relationship with your fertility. 

2. Pussy work. You will be guided into the powerful practice of self pussy work, and you will learn how to use this tool for goddess connection, pleasure expansion, nervous system capacity expansion, and healing shame and trauma.

3. Mature feminine and union. You will learn to come into fully developed womanhood and maturity by recognizing distorted masculine and feminine dynamics playing out within you, and stepping into truth. You will learn to cultivate the power of masculine and feminine within you, to claim your maturity. This includes tending to your physical body, and tending to your fire, your passion, your turn on. 

Image by Jude Infantini

I have gained so much more than an embodiment of cyclical living; I have gained practice and confidence in playfully meeting and expanding from my edges, I’ve stepped out of rigidity and into softness, I have Found the capacity to hold more closely the bigness that is this life, I have gained clarity on my purpose and the path that will sustainable, joyful and embodied, I’ve gained community, and have really been able to come home to myself and stay home within myself, becoming more and more saturate with and driven by the wonder of what it is to have this human experience.

As we’ve worked together I’ve come into my body in a way that feels truly exciting, I feel closer to the future of my wildest dreams and can feel in my body the aligned next steps. I truly relish the recent days of discovery of what it is to fully experience the grandiose nature of the present moment when you're creating a life from an embodied understanding and practice and I am so grateful to Natalia for the potent container and mirror she is for me.

Natalias mentorship allows you to become the bridge between this world and the next through your womb, leaving nothing standing between you and the divine.

What women are saying


6 month 1:1 mentorship client

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WOMB:EN mentorship
3 or 6 months devotion

Investment paths

3 Months
8 sessions in 12 weeks
Intimate and unlimited Voxxer throughout


Pay In Full


3 payments 


6 Months
16 sessions in 24 weeks
Intimate and unlimited Voxxer throughout


Pay In Full

6 payments



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Sister, I offer you this mentorship in service to your truest, deepest and most delicious earthly experience of womanhood.  When I discovered fertility sovereignty and came home to my womb to consciously conceive and free birth my second son, everything changed for me. I discovered the most profound power within me I had ever experienced. I found all the wisdom I had been seeking externally, in my very own womb and cycle. 

I'm here to share this path with you. I'm deeply devoted to the womb and women, and offering my work as a service to the earth herself. I would be honored to walk with you. 

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