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You're ready

to claim the full power of your fertility,

ready for an embodied understanding of your female physiology,

ready to be a part of the creation of the new paradigm for women's reproductive rites.



We have been lied to.. about our bodies, about our fertility, about our womanhood.


you are completely capable of preventing (or achieving) pregnancy naturally,

and on your own terms


You are completely capable of knowing your fertility, embodying a connection with your deeper current of health and vitality, and cultivating a transformational relationship with your own body.


The journey of taking full responsibility for your fertility 

will walk you into a new level of maturity,

and lead you to finally, feeling like a grown ass woman. 


As you get to know your cycle and your body, you will quickly realize, this is about so much more than preventing pregnancy.  


Embodied Fertility Course

Radical body literacy

for wild, deep women

Learn the intricacies of your female physiology and how to prevent or achieve pregnancy naturally,

while creating a life changing relationship with your female anatomy,

expanding your capacity for pleasure and aliveness, 

and cultivating your hormonal flow to create your dreams.

8 Week live course with weekly modules,

small group mentorship,

and Facebook group for questions, community, and integration

+ lifetime access to the group with monthly community calls

Embodied Fertility

Week 1 : 

Opening ceremony + an intro to reading your body (so you can start practicing right away) and the 4 steps of sovereign fertility

Week 2 : 

Initiation ; Becoming fully woman through radical responsibility + holding the complexities of physiological womanhood

Week 3 : 

Anatomy and hormonal physiology - exactly how your fertility works + understanding hormonal alchemy to embody the full power of woman


Week 4 : 

CERVIX - the deep soul medicine of your cervix + reading cervical signs of fertility


Week 5 : 

Supporting your fertility + Integration circle + Q&A, reviewing charts 


Week 6 : 

Tending your female architecture - Self pussy work for pelvic health + personal growth + pleasure expansion

+ Nervous system well being for vital fertility


Week 7 : 

Managing your fertile window + plant wisdom for back up and support


Week 8 : 

Shamanic fertility - connecting with spirit babies + claiming your role as keeper of the sacred gates.

$488 or 

3 payments of $177


    Every month
    Self study course + access to EF community (live monthly calls) lifetime access
    Valid for 3 months

    Self study course + access to EF community (live monthly calls) lifetime access
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